Combating Burnout & Visiting Family

Hello everyone. Today’s post and Thursdays video (if everything goes according to plan) is an attempt to keep from experiencing burnout. This is actually inspired by Invisible I’s video announcing her break from YouTube that she dropped several hours ago.

Unless you are on YouTube, you may not know how much work goes into a video with all the keyword research, scripting, making a thumbnail & title, filming, refilming, editing, SEO, inserting cards/endscreens, and promoting. That 10 minute video can be 8 hours of work. When you set a goal of 2 videos a week that can mean 16 hours of work on top of whatever else you have going on in your life. If you don’t have the energy you’re options are skip a video, or work through it and go down the path of burnout. I typically choose to skip, because burnout is a larger issue than a single missed video. However, a little known fact is that there is always a 3rd side of every coin, or a 3rd option in this case.

What if I made a video on something that gives me energy? What if I made a video of me playing a video game, skating, or doing something else I love and just do a voice over of why I love it, how it helps me, and how it relates to my autism? It would still be educational, but it would also be less of work on my part and more of sharing something I love…

So Thursday (if everything goes according to plan) I will drop a different type of video. One that will hopefully give me energy instead of take, and one that everyone can still enjoy, relate to, and be educated by. If people like it, then that means I have an option for weeks where I’m a little low on energy. If not, then lesson learned and I will go back to skipping videos.

As for skipping videos, you may have noticed I did not post a video yesterday. This was due to being drained from having family in from out of town. My sister and nephew dropped in for 3 days, and while I enjoyed my time with them, it also sucked the life out of me because it was much different from my normal routine, was a lot of social interaction, and I had little “me” time. So when the deadline was approaching I decided to forget recording because burnout is simply something I don’t need if I can avoid it.

Happy Wed-nes-day

Am I the only person that says Wednesday as 3 separate words mentally? Same thing with island… its weird… Like my brain breaks words into small pieces and stores in the individual components. When I’m using them inside my own head I use the little components… When I go to talk its automatically converted (most of the time) into the proper way of saying it…. Now that I think about it my inner mono-log I hear inside my head is British also… Maybe I’m just crazy… *shrug*

Autism Awareness – My thoughts On How To Build Acceptance

Hello again everyone. Since today is 4/2 and its the official awareness day I wanted to share a website and some thoughts that have been nagging at me for over a month.

First the website is Aspie Project and I mentioned it in my 1000 subscribers video. It has gone live today if you wish to check it out.

Second, I am personally very happy with the term “Autism Awareness”. However, many people have been replacing this with “Autism Acceptance” and it conflicts with my logic. Allow me to elaborate…

People cannot accept what they do not understand. People cannot understand what they have not learned. People cannot learn something they are not aware of first… This is my train of thought and it has awareness as its foundation, Education as the walls, and acceptance as the roof (if we are comparing it to a building). With people wanting to skip to acceptance means there is half a foundation and only a few walls up, but they wish to start on the roof. The building will most likely collapse and take all progress with it.

Currently there are still many misconceptions of autism. Like “its a children’s disease”, “Its just a behavioral problem that can be fixed”, “people with autism are just like Rainman”, and that “everyone is a little autistic”… These examples are common enough to that the education portion is not yet complete, so if anything it should be autism education day/week/month, but I’ll settle for awareness as many people are still not even aware of what autism really is, and its the first step.

If people are both aware of and educated in what autism is, then acceptance will happen on its own. If you want acceptance I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and help us build up to that by not only showing your pride and saying “I have autism”, but go out of your way to help educate people in a constructive manner. Ask questions to find what their misconceptions are and don’t get angry if their misconceptions are stereo types. They don’t know any better and its not their fault. Instead take that energy and use it in a positive way to educate. THIS is how we get acceptance. Not by getting angry and ranting on twitter on how NT’s don’t understand and not by simply demanding or wishing for acceptance and expecting it to appear out of thin air.

End of rant… all thoughts and opinions above are my own and should not be taken as anything other than 1 persons thoughts and opinions.

Content for World Autism Awareness week

WAAW (World Autism Awareness Week) is upon us and I’ve got my 2 videos planned out for 4/1 and 4/4.

4/1 Will be about the 7 senses (yes I said 7) and the different ways they can be affected by sensory processing disorder. I already covered some of this on my Sensory Sensitivities video, but I only covered the traditional 5 senses and I feel it needs revisiting.

4/4 Will be on the “Autism Epidemic” where I will break down some of the reasons why more people are getting diagnosed with autism recently compared to previous decades.

Now, I wish I could say that I had a video a day or something massive planned for this wonderful week but I lack the energy and resources. So instead I will provide you with some recommended channels who may be able to give you the autism content you desire. (on top of mine of course)

For those of you who are not already familiar with Aspie With Attitude please feel free to swing by his channel this week. I’m unsure he has anything special planned, but he consistently puts out videos on autism and has a lot of good information on many autism related topics.

Next, I recommend swinging by The Real Organ Family which is a family blog with a look and feel based more around activities than my typical monologue and with at least 5,000% more smiles than I am capable of. I’m unsure if they have anything special for WAAW either, but its worth a watch. You won’t regret it.

Last but definitely not least… Invisible I… Katie has already teased some great content scheduled to come out during WAAW and her channel never disappoints. I put her at the bottom due to her most likely not needing an introduction seeing as she has 33k+ subscribers.

Lets try and make this years WAAW one to remember and show our autism pride when and where we can!

Hello World!

Hello World! As I stated in my YouTube video this will be a place for me to expand upon my content. Making a video takes a good amount of resources, but creating quality content for a blog should be significantly easier and allow me to fill in the down time between videos with quality content. 🙂 Feel free to subscribe via email to get alerts when new posts have been added.