Happy Wed-nes-day

Am I the only person that says Wednesday as 3 separate words mentally? Same thing with island… its weird… Like my brain breaks words into small pieces and stores in the individual components. When I’m using them inside my own head I use the little components… When I go to talk its automatically converted (most of the time) into the proper way of saying it…. Now that I think about it my inner mono-log I hear inside my head is British also… Maybe I’m just crazy… *shrug*

Content for World Autism Awareness week

WAAW (World Autism Awareness Week) is upon us and I’ve got my 2 videos planned out for 4/1 and 4/4.

4/1 Will be about the 7 senses (yes I said 7) and the different ways they can be affected by sensory processing disorder. I already covered some of this on my Sensory Sensitivities video, but I only covered the traditional 5 senses and I feel it needs revisiting.

4/4 Will be on the “Autism Epidemic” where I will break down some of the reasons why more people are getting diagnosed with autism recently compared to previous decades.

Now, I wish I could say that I had a video a day or something massive planned for this wonderful week but I lack the energy and resources. So instead I will provide you with some recommended channels who may be able to give you the autism content you desire. (on top of mine of course)

For those of you who are not already familiar with Aspie With Attitude please feel free to swing by his channel this week. I’m unsure he has anything special planned, but he consistently puts out videos on autism and has a lot of good information on many autism related topics.

Next, I recommend swinging by The Real Organ Family which is a family blog with a look and feel based more around activities than my typical monologue and with at least 5,000% more smiles than I am capable of. I’m unsure if they have anything special for WAAW either, but its worth a watch. You won’t regret it.

Last but definitely not least… Invisible I… Katie has already teased some great content scheduled to come out during WAAW and her channel never disappoints. I put her at the bottom due to her most likely not needing an introduction seeing as she has 33k+ subscribers.

Lets try and make this years WAAW one to remember and show our autism pride when and where we can!